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Explore and analyze your Customer Journey with our Page Flow report, that reveals the pathways users take while navigating your website. This report provides insights into how visitors engage with your site, helping you understand where they initially enter, the routes they follow through your pages, and where they ultimately exit your site.

Use a wide range of filters from the Sitesights Overview, including entry pages, starting points, exit pages, and geographical filters such as countries, regions, and cities. You can also dive into advanced insights by filtering based on source pages or specific campaigns.


Our simple Website Traffic Analysis Overview offers straightforward analytics you require to grasp your online presence. Gain crucial insights into key metrics including Visitors, Pageviews, Session Durations, and Bounce Rates. Uncover essential page-specific data, such as visit frequency, referral sources, and exit locations. Explore geographic information all-inclusive Countries, Regions, and Cities, while seamlessly monitoring traffic sources and effectively tracking campaigns like UTM, Medium, and Ads Information.


Enhance your website insights with our comprehensive event tracking, goal conversion, and revenue monitoring services. By customizing event tracking in various ways, you can open up a whole new realm of progress tracking for your website. Our system allows you to establish multiple parameters with different values, enabling you to gain a detailed and precise understanding of the metrics that matter most to your business.


Create unique funnels with your own paths and event goals for each stage. Use this as a unique way to get insights from your website.  Combining paths and goals can help you understand specific situations better. 

Easily Share Your Dashboard and Switch Between Dark and Light Themes!

Accurate analytics guaranteed

With Sitesights, you get powerful facts that can actually improve your site, optimize your funnels, make your users happier and generate more revenue, all while respecting your users' privacy.

All business insights you need – simple presented

We’ve gone the extra mile to organize all the data just for you, presented in clear and super easy-to-understand views. Dive into perfect business insights made simple, whether you’re a manager, expert, or valued customer. If that’s not enough, you still deep-dive into the data and create your own views using funnels and filters.

No Consent headaches for you

We don’t do user tracking. We respect the privacy of your users and increase your reputation with Sitesights. Furthermore, we anonymize every pageview your users do, while giving you all the information you need. You don’t need a GDPR consent or a cookie banner. The advantage is that we get information from more users because no one has to consent the tracking we do for you.

Keep your page speed fast with us

Our tracking script and API are lightweight and both are less than 1kb which means, we don’t affect your page speed at all and we are mostly unblocked from third party browser plugins.

Advanced event, goal and revenue tracking – even for e-commerce or apps

You can use our API and plugins to track events or goals with a high grade of customization (own dimensions and multiple parameters) to get perfect insights. With the UTM/GCLID-tracking you can your paid and organic campaigns or search for different Terms and Content insights.

Manage multiple website and keep then in projects

Unlock the power to manage multiple projects effortlessly by organizing your websites and apps in one centralized space. You can create up to 1000 spaces. Collaborate seamlessly by inviting others to join your projects, with the flexibility to grant varying levels of access. Ideal for agencies, customers with multiple websites, or teams looking for streamlined collaboration.

Get deep insights with our Page Flow Diagram

Explore your website’s dynamics with our Page Flow Diagram (also known as User Flow Diagram), a powerful tool to delve into how visitors navigate your pages. Pinpoint where they enter and where they exit, providing invaluable insights into the customer journey. Enhance your website flow with actionable information, giving you the edge to continually improve and optimize. Your roadmap to an enriched online experience starts here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I want to host Sitesights on-premise.

We offer on-premise hosting for enterprise customers. Just contact us!

What payment methods to you accept?

We accept cards (including Mastercard, Visa, Maestro, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, JCB, UnionPay, and Mada) and PayPal. If you need to pay with SEPA, please contact us.

What happend if I reach my maximum data entries?

If you reach your maximum data entries we will stop collecting. But don’t worry, we will inform you before and you can upgrade anytime. 

Where is my data hosted and how we handle it?

Our complete infrastructure is hosted in Europe and will never be shared or sold with or to Big Tech or other companies. Our business is subscriber-founded.