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Embrace a Performance-Driven, Privacy-First Alternative to Google Analytics that grows your website.

No Cookie-Tracking
Privacy focused
Realtime data
EU Servers


Get all your essential data at one place. Don’t waste your time for searching.

Use our live data dashboard to get a quick overview about your website or app. See your key metrics within seconds and get useful and suitable insights directly at a glance.
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We increase your productivity by bringing everything in one place. We prepare everything you need to constantly improve yourself.

Accurate analytics guaranteed

With Sitesights, you get powerful facts that can actually improve your site, optimize your funnels, make your users happier and generate more revenue, all while respecting your users' privacy.

Secure and privacy-compliant

Our Business is to visualize your website or app, not to sell your data.

Our focus is to combine data protection and web analytics. We care about privacy, while your data is securely and redundantly stored in data centers in Europe. Because we care about privacy, you don’t need a cookie consent for using Sitesights. We use our technology to identifier users and make them unrecognizable to increase privacy, while we get all the information to provide the data you require.

Detailed Event and Goal Tracking

Sometimes basic information are not enough. Empower your project with detailed and customized events and goad tracking.

View all your events in one place. You can immediately see if your campaign is working or where the things are going wrong.
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We offer a strong and powerful tracking for events and goal conversions.

Our event and goal tracking is based on years of experience as Developing and Marketing Websites and apps. We provide a multi dimensional event tracking for any kind of campaign. Doesn`t matter if you want to track your performance marketing, your sign ups or if you just want to measure your KPIs.
Increased Accuracy
Powerful API
Easy Integration

Detailed Page flow analysis

Detailed Page flow analysis: Dive deep into your customer journey, gaining insights into entry points, page routes, and exit locations.

Embark on a visual journey through your website with our Users Flow report—a dynamic map showcasing the paths users travel from source to exit. Uncover the power to compare traffic volumes from diverse sources, analyze traffic patterns, and troubleshoot your site's effectiveness. Elevate your insights, optimize user experiences, and make data-driven decisions effortlessly.
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Create unique funnels

Unique views for deep insights

Shape your insights effortlessly with custom funnels. Create unique paths and set specific goals for each stage, unraveling specific scenarios for informed decision-making.
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Fair Pricing

No hidden fees. Just pageviews and events based pricing

You have access to our powerful API, 200 team members and 1000 websites or apps.

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Read our docs to understand more and have a look at our integrations.
Read our docs to understand more and have a look at our integrations.
Read our docs
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Use advanced filters and different Metrics to get deep insights.
Read our docs to understand more and have a look at our integrations.
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We have the solution for managing multiple sites and apps. Great for Agencies, Freelancers or people with multiple projects.
  1. Create projects to structure your websites and apps
  2. Add your website and apps to your project
  3. Creates Roles with different permissions and invite your Team or Client
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