Sitesights Page Flow Diagram

Discover a clearer view of your user flow with our page flow diagram. This intuitive tool maps out visitor paths, from their first click to their exit, offering you a visual journey through your site's user experience. 

Your benefits: 

  • Quick overview about your user flow
  • Optimize your user experience
  • Pinpoint opportunities for campaign improvement
  • Boost Conversions


  • See Entries and exits
  • Use all filters
  • See through multiple stages
  • Track the user flow

The Page Flow Diagram, a component of this analysis, acts as a visual map of user navigation. It vividly illustrates the paths users take from their entry point to their exit, enabling you to see how traffic flows through your website. This tool is particularly useful for comparing traffic volumes from various sources, analyzing traffic patterns, and pinpointing areas that might need improvement. By understanding these dynamics, you can effectively troubleshoot and enhance your site's effectiveness.


In summary, the Page Flow analysis and Diagram offered by Sitesights are potent tools for gaining a comprehensive understanding of user behavior on your website. They provide essential insights that help in optimizing your website's layout, improving user experience, and ultimately driving better engagement and conversions​

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