Sitesights Web Analytics Explained

The Analytics Overview is your gateway to understanding user behaviors and preferences. It offers a clear, concise view of how visitors interact with your site, highlighting which pages capture the most attention and how long users stay engaged. This direct insight into user activity is invaluable for optimizing content and enhancing user experiences. No overbuild tool, just your key analytics at one place.

Your benefits: 

  • All key Metrics at one place
  • Directly observe and identify outliers
  • Pinpoint opportunities for improvement
  • Fresh & Accurate real-time data
  • Learn more about your users

Most popular Analytics features:

  • Advanced filtering between most metrics
  • You can switch between Visitor, Pageviews, and Sessions at any time
  • Have a direct look at your campaigns all the time
  • Share your dashboard if needed
  • Use advanced features like funnels or page flow for more details


Explore your users — get insights quick

In today's digital landscape, understanding your users is key to the success of your website. Sitesights offers an intuitive solution, enabling you to explore user behaviors and gain quick insights effortlessly. With our user-friendly dashboard, you can delve into how visitors interact with your site, what content resonates most, and identify areas for improvement. Moreover, Overview's geographic data, device usage, and browser statistics enable you to tailor your website for diverse audiences, ensuring optimal performance across all platforms. The feature also excels in campaign tracking, providing detailed insights from UTM parameters to Google Ads effectiveness, helping you refine your marketing strategies for maximum impact. Easy filtering and you can build your own funnels.


Technicals Analytics for the right timing

Use our platform to optimize your website and apps with technical information. Find out what screen size your users have, which browser they have and what OS they use. Use the Daytime View to see at which time your users vising to your website to get the perfect time for publishing content or doing an update. 


In summary, Sitesights Overview is the perfect tool for anyone wanting to improve their website. It makes understanding complex data easy, giving you clear insights into how people use your site. You'll see what's working well and what needs a tweak, whether it’s your content, design, or marketing strategies. The best part? It's all presented in a user-friendly way. 

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