Insights with Funnels

Navigate the visitor journey effortlessly, from landing page to conversion, using our dynamic multistep funnel analysis. Uncover insights that identify potential issues and empower you to optimize your site and boost those conversion rates.

Why funnels will help you to improve:

  • You can analyze unique user flows and see where you have to improve it
  • You can see on which steps your users leave your page and how many achieve your goal
  • You can combine different filters to analyze different user groups
  • You can track down directly different campaigns 


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At Sitesights, we've designed our funnel feature with you in mind. It's like having a roadmap for your website, showing you how visitors move from start to finish. With this tool, you can easily see where people get interested or drop off, helping you make the right tweaks to keep them engaged. Our funnel is simple to use but powerful, giving you clear insights to make your website even better:

  • Create a funnel path based on pages and custom events/goals with up to 20 Stages
  • Follow the flow of your users and highlight them 
  • See where your users bounced
  • Use the filters to individualize it


See how to configure it

Creating funnels is simple and easy to understand. You just have to define each stage of the funnel. Do you want to track down pages or custom events? It's your choice: 

One of the key benefits of Sitesights' funnel analysis is its ability to provide insights into different user segments. You can apply various filters to isolate and analyze specific groups of users, such as those coming from a particular marketing campaign or geographic location. This feature is invaluable for understanding how different segments interact with your site and for tailoring your content and strategies to meet their needs. In summary, Sitesights' funnel analysis tool is a powerful feature for any business looking to gain a deeper understanding of their website's performance.

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