Web Analytics for Online Games

With Sitesights, we have the perfect web analytics solution for online games developers with a focus on browser games or web-based apps. In the world of fast-paced browser games, every user counts and data-driven decisions are important to improve the quality of the game frequently.  Here's why Sitesights is the perfect companion for developers and publishers. 


Take a look at our public demo from gidd.io. A web-based gaming platform with multiple multiplayer games: 




Player-Centric Insights

Get inside the minds of your player base. Sitesights dives deep into your user behavior, providing invaluable insights into gameplay patterns, page flows and user engagement. Use Web Analytics to understand what your players are doing, where they leave your game and when they achieve a goal. With a player-centric focus, you can fine-tune your game to get a better usability and to increase your users.


Real-time Actionable Data

React swiftly to player actions with real-time data. Custom event tracking in Sitesights ensures you're not just monitoring historical data but are equipped with up-to-the-minute insights. Stay agile, make informed decisions, and adapt your game dynamically to player preferences as they evolve. See how we are using it at gidd.io: 


Simple Integration

Copy our user-friendly tracking code and seamlessly embed it into your frontend. The process is quick and uncomplicated, designed to save you time and effort. For those desiring in-depth insights, the backend API is ready for exploration. Go beyond the basics and uncover a wealth of data to fine-tune your game strategy.

Read more about Integration here: docs.sitesights.io.

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