About Sitesights

Sitesights Analytics is all about gaining in-depth insights into your website or app so that you can optimize it. Without wasting time.


About us

Sitesights was made to bring insights about websites and apps. Crafted by a Developer and a Marketer from Europe, the idea was clear: Creating a Web Analytics tools that provide in-depth insights, to understand websites and apps and optimize them to create a perfect customer journey, happy users and a higher conversion rate.


It was important to create a tool that creates a high value for the customer. Starting from the technical aspect of creating a lightweight tracking system which is perfect for all websites and apps because it does not have any impact on the page speed. It loads quickly (less than 1 Kb) while getting all the necessary information from the user.


Secondly, we made it easy to integrate our tracking script on any kind of website or app with plugins and guides. For other developers who want to get even more detailed information, like from registered users, we have a performant tracking API too.


In Addition, to make the right decision, it’s essential to see the proper information. We have deliberately not flooded Sitesights with unnecessary dashboards and evaluations and hidden significant information, but we have set ourselves the goal: Evaluations must be directly visible. The customer must be able to see immediately what is going on to drive continuous improvement. All websites and apps can be managed in their own projects. This is, of course, ideal if you want to view your projects completely separately or manage them for your customers.


Finally, as founded in the European Union, data protection, privacy, and awareness of data security is deeply present in us. We do not use cookies at all when tracking and hash all personal information so that it cannot be traced back without exception. All Data is stored redundantly in certified data centers powered by hydropower. We also offer the option of hosting Sitesights on-premise directly at the customer's preferred data center.

Our Mission

At Sitesights we believe that Web analytics should help entrepreneurs and companies to improve their websites and apps to make their customers happy and increase their sales without being a data provider for Big Tech. 


Our Mission is to make Web Analytics and its benefits available for everyone at any stage. 



We are a bootstrapped independent business based in Europe. With Sitesights we provide a customer-driven Platform that's only focusing on collecting data and presenting them, to make Websites, Web Apps, Mobile Apps and Services better. We grow with our customers and data protection and data security is essential for us and our customers. The data we collect is only available to our customers.

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