Web Analytics for SaaS Companies

Sitesights helps SaaS Companies to understand their platform better and to make better decisions straight away. With a minimalistic design in mind, we can efficiently collect all the necessary data to enhance your product while maintaining a good performance. Our privacy-aware solution does not require any cookie consent and you can install it directly. 


Data-driven decisions made easy

Checking out what customers do inside your product is a great way to get their thoughts on it. With Sitesights you get all the information about your users you need to know to improve your product. See how they navigate through your product and where they bounce or achieve a goal.  Sitesights can answer you these questions: 

  • Which way to user navigate through my product?

  • How much time does a user spend on my product?

  • On which site does a user leave my product, or where does he achieve a goal? 

  • Where are my users from and which language do they speak?

  • How can I improve my product to generate more sales? 

We collect all the facts you want to know, to make better decisions.


Advanced Integration for Developers

With our server-sided API you can integrate Sitesights deep into your product. You can provide additional information to gain more detailed analytics. You can differentiate your users based on their roles in your product. Separate between free users and paying customers, send custom events or page views. This powerful integration in the backend cannot be blocked by browser extensions either. Our high-performance API handles large amounts of data without any problems.  

User-Centric Insights

Dive deep into your user behavior. Uncover how users interact with your platform, identify which feature they love, and optimize the user experience with the information you know.  We provide real-time Analytics that helps you to understand your customers better and to optimize your funnels. 


Security and Compliance

We do host all data in Europe. All data we collect that could be used to identify your users is hashed, so we can ensure that they can never be traced back. 

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