Web Analytics for Agencies and Freelancers

Our approach to web analytics ideal for agencies and freelancers. Websites and apps can be grouped into projects with complex rights management.


Easy Web Analytics for Clients and Agency

An agencies Classical retainer and task is to set up a report and web analytics system. The perfect managed web analytics for agencies is here. It's easy to use on customer projects, and you can make each project unique and invite your clients if needed. You can also give different roles to your customers.

Why is Sitesights the right Web Analytics Solution for Agencies and Freelancers?

Sitesights is built lightweight with simplicity in mind. We focus on important metrics that are crucial in web analysis. We do not collect any useless data or track users. . In addition to the fact that we have such a small script that no website or app speed suffers, you as an agency or freelancer still benefit from having precise evaluations for your customer.


Sitesights Project Management System

Sitesights can effortless integrated into your projects, and you can use our plugins or API to template that for each customer.

You can create projects for each customer with your management account. You can customize these projects for each client: 

Optionally, you can invite your client to Sitesights and give them unique roles with our right management system. You can decide what they can do at Sitesights. 


Share all statistics and web analytics with one link directly to your customer

You can create a unique sharing link for your customers:

Here, you can take a look at a shared dashboard: https://app.sitesights.io/share?id=WqF3WgqUWEOjudYDRtKTIQ

The great advantage is that only people you send the link too can see the dashboard. The link is too long to guess, and no one of your clients needs an account to see all the statistics. 


Sitesights is easy to understand

Your customers don’t need a training to understand all the views they will see. It’s easy. They can filter by themselves or build custom funnels to get profound insights.


You own the data!

All the data we collect with Sitesights for you, is only for you. We don’t sell any kind of data and we guarantee that. We don’t share the data and you have the only control of it. Which is great if your customers want to act privacy-friendly.



We offer you a product that scales with you, which you can implement quickly and easily for your customers. You can make reports for your customers quickly and in a specific way. This will prove that you are an expert. You can also give your customers Sitesights and let them use it and benefit from the fact that they like to understand everything directly.


Benefit from using a solution that supports you on your journey as an agency and freelancer, implements your ideas and scales them with you. Give us a chance and together we will revolutionize the market.

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