Simple Analytics instead of GA4


Your analytics tool should enhance your website, not hinder it

Your Web Analytics Service should improve your SEO, make your users happy and the page speed faster.

Use a lightweight tracking

Sitesights Analytics is less than 1 KB big. This means it’s perfect for lightning-fast loading times, making it an ideal analytics solution for any type of website, be it mobile or desktop. With Sitesights, performance is not just a feature; it’s a guarantee. Higher loading time means higher bounce rate.

You should care more about your website than about legal regulations and cookies.

With Sitesights, you can skip the hassle of cookie consents and legal requirements. Why? Because we don’t track users. It’s that simple. Focus on your website, not legal hoops. Did you also know that it also increases the accuracy of the tracking? Because when we don’t need a consent, we can track all data.

Get deep insights in just some seconds

You are tired of searching the information in Google Analytics? You just want to see how your site is performing? Yes, that’s possible. At Sitesights we have put all the information you want to see in just one dashboard:

As you can see, you have all the information you want to see at one glance. If it’s not enough, you can create event and goal tracking to get specific hints from your website. Or you can see how your users behave with the Page flow diagram or create unique funnels to get really deep insights about your website.

Use advanced filter to see data you may didn’t see before

It’s no surprise that users from different origins, such as desktop or mobile users, or users from various countries, exhibit distinct behaviors on your website. Leverage our filters to identify these differences and adapt your website to cater to diverse user groups. By doing so, you’ll create an even better website experience.

Create a funnel to look deep into your data

Sometimes you ask yourself some curios questions about your website: Like how many users do I have that click on that page on my website and trigger that conversion? For all these questions, you can create unique funnels and filter to look that at that information.

Here is one example:

In this funnel for our gaming platform we asked ourselves how many people from the United States joining a gaming room also start a game. We can see it’s less than the half, so we still have to improve the way how people create a room and start a game.

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